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About Patient Safety Academy


While the science of medicine advances our understanding of complex diseases, infections, prevention, and treatments, our patients continue to be harmed. This harm, however, is generally not attributed to the actual disease, rather it is a product of the systems in which we work. The science of patient safety explores how patient harm can be prevented if and when multidisciplinary healthcare teams work towards the ultimate goal of safer patient care.

The Patient Safety Academy offers comprehensive content to educate and engage clinical and administrative healthcare providers on how to apply the principles of patient safety into their daily practice.

This virtual platform offers:

- The Patient Safety Primer three-hour video that will introduce key patient safety principles,

- The World Health Organization Patient Safety Curriculum Guide: Multi-professional Edition presented by international experts,

- Executive coaching for healthcare leaders on how to apply presented content,

- Short, educational videos to further guide learners on patient safety concepts,

- Social network of healthcare providers to promote knowledge exchange and ideas,

- And much more….

Patient Safety Primer Video

The magnitude of patient harm & medical errors

Understanding system defects

Application of evidence-based practices to reduce harm

Working in healthcare teams to improve patient care

- Learning from errors and incident reporting

- Infection prevention and control

- Medication safety

- Patient-centered care

- Importance of data and measurement

World Health Organization (WHO) Patient Safety Curriculum Guide: Multi-professional Edition

The 12 modules are as follows:

1 What is patient safety?

2 Culture of safety

3 Human factors

4 System impact on patient care

5 Understanding errors and risks

6 Learning from errors

7 Quality Improvement Tools

8 Teamwork

9 Patient involvement in care

10 Medication safety

11 Infection control

12 Surgical and Invasive procedure

Patient safety is known to be a global health issue. In order for us to reduce and eliminate patient harm, we need to be able to identify and address factors that impact patients in our healthcare facilitates. The first step is to educate healthcare providers on the principles and science of patient safety.

The Patient Safety Academy offers a modified version of the WHO Patient Safety Curriculum program where learners are able to access content at their own pace. The 12-module curriculum is delivered by international experts through modern and didactic audio and video presentations. Case studies, questionnaires, and exercises are incorporated to support learners in the application of patient safety principles.